1. Thanks for the plug, Bev! And I like how your brain works.

    who is the audience for this

    SF fans like to collect things. The gadgets & spaceships are too cool to stay in the movie/book. If we like a show or movie a lot we want to see it plastered on our living room walls and displayed on our shelves in the form of collectibles.

    While these particular dolls aren’t for me, I used to collect a lot of different action figures and other paraphernalia related to various shows/films. Space & budget limitations are the only things slowing me down right now. But last year I bought a THE LAST STARFIGHTER lunchbox which dates back to the 80s. But I’ve got stranger stuff than that!

    Many if not most of the hardcore Trekkers will snap up anything like this. Throw in the legions of Barbie doll fanatics and you have mucho cash rolling into the coffers of Mattel or Paramount or whomever. Said companies can charge ten times the normal price since the products are connected to a successful franchise.

    Eh, was that TMI?! I love collecting *and* I love analyzing it!

  2. Author

    Well, yeah, I get the fan collecting thing. 😀 I guess what I was wondering about was the teenage angle. Particularly for the Star Trek dolls. And actually for the Twilight ones to tell the truth.

  3. Teenage angle…meaning would teens be interested in these dolls? The Twilight dolls I can see, but I’m not sure they’d be interested in the ST ones. A few, maybe, but I can’t quite see them rushing out en masse to buy them.

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