Hi, my name is Beverly, AKA as BevBB and B.B. Medos (bbmedos) on various sites. I’m a longtime romance novel reader who loves both to collect books and lots of other things as well as talk about them online.


After trying book reviewing – once – on All About Romance a long time ago and realizing that wasn’t going to happen again in this lifetime, at least not that way, I did a short-lived something or other there called Beverly’s Book Basket, which oddly enough was more like a blog than anything else way before anyone was thinking that way. Definitely not the “article” type of stuff that was expected. When I stopped doing that, I started my own site called Beverly’s Book Sanctuary for several years. That was hosted on WriterSpace.  


When blogging became popular, I moved to Bev’s Notes on Blogger then this domain and switched to WordPress. Most recently, because of various life and family issues, I took an off & on hiatus from blogging to just play around and lurk. Let’s just say, it gave me a very different perspective on things.


You also probably catch me on Twitter at some point most days @bevbb


Or at my page on Facebook.


  1. Hi Bev, Are you the Bev who owns a charming, little bookstore in Rochester, MA.? I am looking for The Elephant Man. Please let me know if you have a copy in your collection.
    Thank you so much, Judy

  2. Hi Bev, Judy Bowling calling! bI tried to call your shoppe and the number would not go through. Did you move? I’m looking for books by Tasha Tudor and the Complete Fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen. Hope to hear from you soon!

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