1. I read a couple of random Arcane Society books from mid-series and didn’t feel like anything was missing.

  2. Yeah, she started having her series “cross over” the pen names a couple years ago. I think it’s been years now? Oh who the heck knows or remembers. I just see her name and buy the book(s) for work 🙂 But yeah, there are Arcane series titles under the Amanda Quick name even. If any author was going to do this, it makes sense that it would be JAK since she’s always had her fingers in a lot of sub genre pies….

  3. Author

    Well, dang. I wrote up an entire reply and completely lost it in the ether. For a second there, I was starting to think this new theme wasn’t going to let me comment on my own blog. Oye.

    Anyhoo, I know exactly what you’re saying, Wendy, about her and crossing genres. It’s the numbering that threw me, I think. And didn’t she have some mention of the Arcane business in the Quick books years ago? I say that because seems like that’s about when I lost interest in them and therefore lost track of her Quck backlist. I could be wrong on that though.

    Victoria, it’s a relief to know that she’s still mainly just having her characters and stories existing within her universe, not necessarily within a particular story arc. That’s not to say I couldn’t go for, oh, say, a trilogy from her like that. As long as we were warned in advance. 😉

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    Okay, I was just doing some further checking before going to bed and I’m a little suspicious that this Dreamlight trilogy might be more “connected” than I thought and not at all a random bit of storytelling within either the Arcane or Harmony group. Just maybe attached to each. If I’m reading these descriptions right, it is a three piece story arc – each book set in a different time period under each of her AKAs.

    So maybe she has done what I was wanting, just not directly sequentially. Only problem is now I think I have to get the other two books first.

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