I was just looking through my immediate TBR (to-be-read) basket, which is one of those long bread baskets, to see what to read next and suddenly realized that I have three first person romances in there currently. That strikes me of indicative of something but I’m not sure what or if it’s a good thing since I’m not all that crazy about the use of that perspective in romances and can’t figure out how I ended up with that many in the basket at one time in the first place. Okay, I know exactly how I ended up with them, impulse buying, pure and simple.Read More →

I ended up buying three new books during one trip to the grocery store. No surprise there, but what I find fascinating is the extremely divergent selection I made in just those three. Who says romances are all the same? First up is Men of Courage II, an anthology collection from Harlequin’s new Signature Select Collection. All three stories are located in the same Ohio town and center on a tornado hitting the town but don’t seem to intersect people-wise. I’ve already read the first – An Honorable Man by Lori Foster, a guilty pleasure of mine but more on that in the future probably.Read More →

So, what to say about Prince Charming, an oldie but a goody? First of all, I know that this book is not one of the favorites of most Julie Garwood fans. Maybe I should say “classic Garwood” fans there, because this is definitely one that falls well between her beloved medievals and her more recent romantic suspense books, which tends to pit longtime fans against the newer ones who’ve just found her. The thing is that I actually like this one quite a bit. I’m not sure I could claim I love it, but I guess there’s just something about it that always makes meRead More →