1. I too, grew up with Emilie Loring, and I agree with all that you said about her books. I have collected most of her books, and am not ashamed to say I reread them frequently. The Solitary Horseman is one of my favorites for the story of forgiveness, and how it can change lives.

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    I was reading back through these posts again and realized I’d missed your comment, Bethany. Yes, the story of forgiveness is absolutely what stood out about The Solitary Horseman. There were many of her books that dealt with that theme, but none of them made the impression on me that one did.

  3. I loved reading Emilie Loring books. The romance was chaste, no foul language and each story had danger & intrigue.
    The Solitary Horseman is very much a story of forgiveness & how lives can be changed for the good.
    I completed my collection about 15 years ago by going to a second-hand book store and finding those I was missing. I still reread these books occasionally & can remember the names of each couple.
    One note: I was curious as to what the price of the paperbacks were at the time I was buying them as a teenager back in the 1960s. Cost: $1.35.

  4. My mom first found the Emilie Loring ‘shelf’ at the library when I was 14. At the time, I was shocked she was handing me a romance novel. However, I fell in love with her books. Over the years I always return to her books as my comfort books. Here Comes the Sun was the first one I read of hers, and it is still my favorite. I’ve started collecting original hardbacks of my favorite ones, and I still am constantly rereading them from my local library. I always love to read about someone else who loves Ms. Loring. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post!

  5. I just found your blog in passing while looking up Emilie Loring books. My mother found them for me when I was about 16 at our public library and since then I have been in love with the books. I have a small hardback collection of about 6 and several paperbacks, though what I love best are the hardback originals. I’m slowly trying to collect all my favorites, usually pre-1945 books. As Long As I Live and Here Comes the Sun are personal favorites. It’s actually because of Emilie Loring I became a writer, albeit unpublished. I love finding other people that love her books. ~Kate (katesbookshelf.wordpress.com)

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      I currently have 20 or so of hers, most of them paperback but I had to go check my shelves to see if I had those two and I did. I thought I did because the titles seemed very familiar. 😉 I remember Here Comes the Sun much more than the other though and it’s a great story. One thing that looking at the descriptions on the back of them brings back to mind is how many times she used a love triangle scenario and not in a bad way.

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