1. Aw, gee, Bev. ::blush blush:: You made my day. Honestly, this is what an author lives for, to know her characters have become real to the reader. Chaz and Sully (Gabriel’s Ghost) are two of my long time faves, written from the heart. As you know, I wrote the first draft (which wasn’t all that different from the final draft, being that’s how I write) in thirty-four days. Sully Would Not Let Me Sleep! And Tank the furzel was even on my original-original cover (the Poser model used to make the cat on the cover was taken from photographs of Daq-Cat.)

    Basically, I wrote what I wanted to read. That’s the combo I wanted and still do. Rebels and Lovers hits the shelves end of March. I hope you find Devin and Kiadee worthy.

    Big hugs, ~Linnea

  2. Author

    You’re most welcome and it’s well deserved. And, yeah, I just couldn’t resist dragging out those old poser covers. Classic. Hey, I’ve seen worse. 😉

    Oh, and I meant to add that I think most authors do their best when they write what they want to read, too, because generally that’s what’s missing. Notice I didn’t say what’s lacking because those aren’t necessarily the same thing. (wiggling eyebrows here)

  3. I haven’t read any other author who does a better job of combining GREAT writing with science fiction and romance. I looooove Linnea’s books!

    1. Author

      So true. She definitely weaves some great stories. 😉

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