1. Since you wrote up The Bride as one of your favorite books, I have written this one down in the TBB section. I should mention that I love Anne Stuart so darkness and angst are always welcome.

    Oh and I love the butterfly. Mine is the wolf. Friends know of my love and have inundated me with many pictures etc. Just don’t know if it’s romance friendly 😉


  2. You’re kidding about a wolf not being romance friendly, right? I mean they’re everywhere in romances. 😀

    Lovelace overall is hit and miss for me. More hits than misses but then I haven’t truly tried to collect her backlist so I can’t say for sure. A couple of hers are truly phenomenal to me, though, so I have to say that when a book she writes works for me it REALLY works for me. She has such unique insights into the military aspect and how it impacts on the romance for one thing.

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